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Cobra Banker Software

Cobra BankerŪ is the most innovative banking software ever developed for the corrections industry. Over the course of the last twenty years, we simply listened to every one of our more than 500 clients and designed the software and over 40 different integrated modules to meet your fiduciary responsibilities. Not only have we designed Cobra BankerŪ to meet your needs for GAAP compliance and audits, we have made it extremely user friendly. This means the learning process for your staff is quick and easy. You can be assured of this because as a client, your staff will receive in depth training and 24 hour technical support from our US based help desk in Bradenton, Florida.

When a facility takes on the fiduciary responsibility for inmates during their incarceration, the need for accountability, security and confidentiality is a priority. Much of this accountability relates to the balancing of the system used to hold and manage inmate trust fund accounts. Balancing is extremely important to your auditors, and balancing a cash drawer and a checkbook with Cobra Banker software does not get any easier. Furthermore, you can balance the entire system by running a "Trial Balance". No more running a truckload of reports and filling out a balancing sheet, it is all handled internally by Cobra Banker's general ledger.





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