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Swan Scan™
Scan your commissary orders and easily use COBRA Banker in the ordering process.

When dealing with fiduciary responsibilities to residents accountability, security and confidentiality are essential.

Cobra Auto Cash™
Cobra AutoCash™ was developed to provide facilities with an automated method for residents to receive moneys into their accounts. Developed in partnership with Western Union, Cobra’s AutoCash module allows moneys to be sent via any one of 49,000 Western Union agents, via phone or internet or through an additional partner, Government Payment Services’ (GPS) toll free phone number and web site. Friends and family can transfer funds to any facility that utilizes our Cobra Banker™ Resident Banking Software along with our AutoCash module quickly, easily and securely. The moneys are automatically transferred from Western Union or GPS to the resident’s account in Cobra Banker, thus providing the facility with a cost effective method for receiving resident deposits.

Cobra Kiosk™
Cobra Kiosk™ is a free-standing module that was developed to allow residents access to historical information regarding their individual trust fund account. This Kiosk is typically found in a common area that the residents have access to at some time during the day.  Cobra Kiosk® is designed to reduce the resident requests or grievance forms regarding their trust fund account. The Kiosk is accessed utilizing the resident account number and a PIN number, the resident is able to access only data pertinent to their trust fund account.  

Cobra Cashier™
Cobra Cashier has been developed exclusively by Cobra Software Group® to provide our clients with an “Automated” and “Hands Free” solution to receipting moneys from resident visitors. The Cobra Cashier solution is fully funded by fees, similar to Bank ATM fees, assessed to the depositor. Cobra Cashier allows your facility to accept deposits to resident accounts in the form of Cash, Credit Cards, and/or Debit Cards. Cash transactions are verified by denominations and counterfeit and non-detectable currency is rejected. Debit and credit card transactions are verified for card viability at time of transaction.

Cobra Cashier works in conjunction with our Cobra Banker® resident banking software and reduces staff time posting deposits, while saving staff headaches through automated reconciling. Cobra Banker provides sales activity reports that staff can print and review, as well. It also provides for automated and timed weekly reconciliation between deposits made to resident accounts and ACH transfers to the facility resident trust fund account. Additionally, Cobra Banker provides reporting for daily, weekly, and monthly usage by the device.

Cobra Grievance Tracker™
Working in conjunction with Cobra Kiosk™, this innovative program is specifically designed to create a paperless resident grievance procedure that will provide facilities with the automation and accountability to reduce valuable staff time spent processing resident requests.     Upon implementation, Grievance Tracker can be used from our Cobra Kiosks as another option for inmates to communicate their concerns to staff. Through a user friendly interface, inmates are lead through a series of screen menu options that allow them to input text to corrections staff. These communications are simply typed into the kiosk through the electronic keyboard on the screen. Residents are given access through their inmate ID # or fingerprint and through Cobra Banker®, staff can grant or restrict access based on each resident’s behavior or conduct.




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